Can’t come to the Museum?  We can come to you! Museum-on-the-Go brings one of our interactive Focused Topics to your facility.
Museum-on-the-Go Hours
Monday - Friday, 10am –2pm based on availability
Museum-on-the-Go Pricing
$5.00 per student, minimum of $150.00.
For locations over 25miles, round trip, from the Schoolhouse Children’s Museum, a mileage fee of $1.00 per mile will apply.
School Scholarships
Limited funds exist for Title One schools or programs serving underserved children, to experience a Museum-on-the-Go program.  Contact terry@schoolhousemuseum.org
Steps to planning Museum-on-the-Go:
1. Identify your desired date and time.  We suggest having two alternative dates.

2. Have contact information available at time of inquiry. (Group/Organization name, number of students including grade/age, primary contact person, address, phone number and email address)
3. Chose the Focused Topic you would like. Options are listed below.

4. Call (561) 742-6785 for information and to book your MOTG program.
Additional information:
  • A $25.00 deposit is required for all Museum-on-the-Go reservations.  An MOTG program  is not booked until the deposit has been received.
  • Should the visit be cancelled, the deposit is non-refundable.
  • Please make checks payable to Schoolhouse Children’s Museum & Learning Center.  Payments can also be made using Visa, Mastercard, Amex or cash.
  • Please contact the Program Manager prior to your MOTG program if you have any special needs or requests.  Phone: (561) 742-6783, Email: linda@schoolhousemuseum.org
  • Payment in full must be made on the day of your MOTG program unless special arrangements have been made.

Museum-on-the-Go Programs

Creepie Crawlies- The Very Busy Spider
Students investigate this architect of the insect world. Find out how spiders find food in their webs and why they don’t get stuck themselves. Students create their own spider web.

Color-Red, yellow, blue-what can I make from you?
Children will enjoy the story of “Mouse Paint” by Ellen Stohl Walsh or “Color Dance” by Ann Jonas and then begin the adventure in color mixing their own!

Fun Physics
After listening to “Balancing Act” by Ellen Stohl Walsh,  children will experiment with balance, explore levels and create their own balancing figure.

Wild Animal Adventures-The Octopus
Find out more about this genius of camouflage and how their boneless bodies
can fit through tiny openings by exploring “slime octopi”!

May The Force Be With You! Magnet Exploration
Learn what is magnetic and what is not, how the mysterious force of magnets can move things
and even paint with magnets!

Wonders of Weather – Clouds and Rain
Students will learn about different forms of weather through interactive games and activities.  Students will observe a super cool demonstration of how clouds form in the water cycle.  Student will conduct their own rain experiment.

Kindergarten-Second Grade

I Dig Dinos
Come and discover the age of the dinosaur! Students will become paleontologist and learn all about fossils. As a junior paleontologist, students will explore fossilized “dinosaur eggs” and get to take a new “pet” home.

Learn the what, when, where and why of volcanoes and what makes them erupt. Students will observe a demonstration of a volcano erupting.   Students will have the opportunity to create and erupt their very own volcano that is theirs to keep. 

Egg Drop
Look out below!  In this fun class your students will master the art of engineering by designing and building an egg protection contraption!  Students will learn the value of teamwork and get the opportunity to discuss what worked and what didn't in order to improve their egg capsule.  Who will survive the three drop levels and save Humpty Dumpty???

Engineering a Fairy Tale
Once Upon a Time...Using favorite children's fairy tales, students will use their problem solving and creative thinking skills to develop new solutions for the story book character's dilemmas.

The Gingerbread Boy - There must be some other way for the Gingerbread Boy to get across that River!