First Floor

Time Travels:


Ring the bell, yell “All Aboard,” grab the passengers, and hop onboard the Orange Blossom Express for a ride back in time to the days of the early South Florida railway industry. This child-sized version of Henry Flagler’s railroad steam engine will help children better understand the importance of the Florida East Coast Railway.

Train Depot

Gather the passengers, count the tickets and board the train at the Florida East Coast Railway Train Depot replica. Through play, children will understand the importance of using trains as transportation during the early 1900s

Boynton Hotel

Set the table, arrange food on a tray, don an apron and have a tea party at the original Boynton Beach Hotel established by Nathan Smith Boynton in 1900.
Family Farms:

Dairy Days

Grab a bucket, toss on some overalls and prepare to experience the farm life! Children can feed and milk a life-sized cow replica and then process the milk for delivery.

Pepper Patch Farm

Surrounded by a myriad of reds, greens and yellows, follow the production process of this native Florida vegetable from start to finish. Children can peddle a tractor to see how their own hard work can rush the peppers through the washing, sorting, and packing process.

Old Farmhouse

Forget buttons and switches that control modern-day appliances, experience home life from the early 1900s by cooking on a wood-burning stove, pumping water into the sink with a hand pump and washing clothes in a bin with a washboard.