A family membership allows for unlimited play for one year for the family!  Review the options below to determine which fit is best for you.

For new online memberships or renewals, please complete the registration process when prompted.  For renewals, please be sure to list your name as it appears on your membership card.

Is your membership a gift?  Check the box that reads “This Membership is a Gift” and complete the information.  We will take care of the rest, mailing the membership welcome letter and cards to the address you specify.

You can always purchase a membership at the front admissions desk or by calling the Museum Monday - Saturday 9am to 4:30pm: 561-742-6780.
General Release
On behalf of the above, I understand that by filling out this Membership Application and by membership to and participation in activities, special events and programs of the Boynton Cultural Centre, Inc. and the City of Boynton Beach, I hereby agree to:
  • Indemnify and hold harmless the Boynton Cultural Centre, Inc. and the City of Boynton Beach, its departments, staff members, directors, officers or agents from any and all liability resulting from my/his/her participation whether on or off the premises for any injury or damages
  • Assume all risks and responsibilities of possible damage or injury involved through participation
  • Understand that my name may appear on membership lists
  • Agree that my membership is effective for one calendar year and that there are no membership refunds.
There is a $10.00 replacement fee for lost cards.
Should my photograph(s), video or slide(s) or my child (ren)’s/grandchild (ren)’s be selected, I do hereby give Boynton Cultural Centre, Inc. and City of Boynton Beach the right to use such in promotional material such as brochures, newsletters, website, slide and video presentations, etc. unless I contact you. I understand the photo will only be used to represent and support the efforts of the Museum.   

Family Membership Form:

Primary Adult Member Name
Second Adult Member
Third Adult Member (Family Plus & Family Premium Memberships)
Children Information
Please enter the first and last name of each child in your household to be included on the membership followed by their birthday (month/day/year). Please separate children with a comma.
Please separate each by a comma.
Payment Information
Visa, MasterCard, or Discover: the three-digit card verification number can be found on the back of the card.

American Express: the four-digit card verification number can be found on the front of the card.
Mailing Address (If different from Billing)
This Information is needed for the Welcome Letter and Membership Card. They will be sent through the mail.