Group Visits

The Schoolhouse Museum offers two types of Group Visits:


A two hour trip to explore the museum featuring two floors of hands-on exhibits reflecting the pioneer days of life in South Florida.


A two hour trip that includes 1 hour and 30 minutes of play and a 30 minute “focus topic” in our classroom.

At all Field Trips, students are welcomed by the Schoolhouse guide and led to the Schoolhouse Theater where they will hear a brief history of the Schoolhouse and watch an upbeat, kid-friendly 10-minute video about the area’s local history on a 47” flat-screen Plasma TV. After a few brief questions, the guide leads the group to the appropriate area, depending on whether it is a Focused Fieldtrip or a Group Field Trip. 

The children move as a group to the first floor of exhibits where they are free to play, interact and explore. For example, in the Family Farms exhibit area they can milk a life-sized cow and peddle a child-sized tractor to sort peppers, both to emulate the early Florida farming industry.

After an appropriate amount of time, visitors will be led to the second floor where they will continue to play and interact with the exhibits. For example, they can dress in a white coat, perform "surgery" and care for newborns to better experience one of the area’s first doctor’s offices or crawl through a maze of mangrove roots in Water World.

Children can also interact with our 15 foot replica of the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, home to Hannibal Dillingham Pierce, the assistant lighthouse keeper in 1872. Created exclusively for the Schoolhouse, Hannibal will share a short historic tale with children and families as they enter the Schoolhouse after a simple knock on the lighthouse door.